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Explore the possibilities of time, time control and time travel at the Time Research Association (TRA).  The TRA provides an easy and free networking opportunity for students, scientists and teachers from around the world to monitor, study and advance the development of time, time control and time travel capabilities.



  1. Time Travel-Space-Time manipulation is a form of Magic taught by Angels of Disobedience (SATAN). No one is to tamper with the Order that God organized for good & is Peaceful & NOT Chaotic or destructive.The Fallen Angels not only mated with humans= which was forbidden-but also taught them Secrets that they were NOT supposed to play with!
    You are on the Dark Side & need to Repent!
    Leave the Spiritual Warfare to G-d & His Holy Angels!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why so biased against progress. Going to quote the book of Enoch and say all human achievement is evil and demonic. Okay you want to live in the 5th century-no cars, no electricity, no internet(most hypocritical you use what you condemn), only huts and a brutal and short existence.

  2. I’ve been searching for answers for nearly 2 years now. It’s not a question if the ability is there, I’m sure it is. What I’m wondering is if one were to go back to the past and change an event specific to their life, would that change effect a single timeline, or would it alter a parallel timeline. If a single timeline, what would be the effect on the traveller? And is it just theory or is there proof? Thank you.

  3. Does the TRA or any related organization perform any time distortion experiments? If so how would one go about volunteering for such a thing?

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